Winter Storm Threat Next Weekend? Well, Maybe…

Merry Christmas! I’m sure you’ve come across the fact that we may be dealing with another storm system for next weekend. Is this threat legitimate? Well, it’s complicated. When analyzing the upper pattern for next Saturday, a few things stand out. Note the orientation of the west coast ridge is far from perfect. Normally we’d like to see a more amplified ridge for a big East coast system. Also note the deep East coast trough – this may help shunt activity south. However, we do have a bit of high latitude blocking, so if something does develop close enough to the coast, it will have the chance to move northward.

We see this “late bloomer” type scenario on the latest European ensembles as well. Note it’s a weak wave, then explodes just east of New England (Saturday AM left, Saturday evening right).

Not the perfect set up for a big one in my opinion, but given the ensemble support for storm development, we need to closely monitor this situation. For more updates like these, make sure to check out Vallee Weather Premium and Vallee Weather Commercial, launching January 1! Agriculture and energy weather services will be launching this day as well! For more info, contact us via the form below!

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